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I miss McRoll so much that I have to re-read all these kinds of stuff. So beautiful (y)

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From the 2nd teaser clip for this weeks episode. I wasn’t going to post these but they’re all over the place….and I love McRoll so here ya go! ENJOY!

Thanks to the amazing @neropatti and her Alex O’Loughin – An Intense Study for the gifs.







I’ve seen complaints that this isn’t Steve type behavior.  I have to disagree a bit.  Steve has always been thoughtful and sweet. We saw it in the pilot episode when he bought Danny a weekend at the hotel for Gracie to swim with the dolphins, he got the Governor to step in so Rachel didn’t take away Danny’s custody.  He picked Cath a flower, he changed his leave to be with her when their weekend was ruined, he’s amazingly empathetic and emotional with victims and children.  These were all moments of him growing and moving beyond a stern, stoic military man. These have been his…

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H50BAMF Tumblr

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That. Last  Gif.




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