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A collection of fabulous McRoll fictions. Just basing on my OWN opinion. I prefer emotional fictions with long sentences, long paragraph with delicate detailed descriptions rather than light, amusing conversation. I’m not saying the latter is not good, just not my cup of tea. Personally.

Here is my list. Just wanna store those links somewhere. I thought abt it earlier, but Twitter and Tumblr are just not right to post. WordPress is the best choice right now. Except for the first two stories (the most favorite ones), the rest is listed under no particular order of favorism. Not exactly my favorite writing style, but this one is pretty “deep” in terms of feeling. It touched the bottom of my heart. Just love the concept of an oblivious Steve McGarrett. Very interesting twist. Love Steve’s team. — An idea/assumption that I’ll never forget… — Such a thoughtful Cath in the past. I can never get over the thoughtfulness and sweetness of this fic. Lol love how Lori was portrayed. Very interesting plot. Love Johnny. I’m kind of fond of the stories in which any third person is involved. In this case, Ellie is well written. Love Steve in this story so much. Sometimes, simple is the best. Funnyyyyyyyyy. One of the rare stories from the REAL World that I really love. Simple yet meaningful. Never forget this masterpiece. So in-character. Interesting plot.

Tumblr: — At first I thought it was a steamy fic, but it turned out to be another touching and emotional yet cute story. This time Steve was the one who was thoughtful. Yay. So cute so so cute xoxo Re-read it every single month when “it” comes to visit me lol. – It’s “terrible”, as in the terrible, unbearable pain that I felt while reading… Totally worth it. – Seriously, the cutest thing ever. OMG I love this one soooo much. My heart is totally melt… Doris – I love her 🙂 Hihihihi. This is supposed to happen in the show… So real. *Sobbing* Poor my baby Steve. All of them OMG… Super cute hihihi.

To be continued…